C.A 5231 Multimeter

This compact digital multimeter meets the needs of any self-employed electrician.

 It is simple to use and exceptionally easy to read thanks to its 6,000-count backlit display with bargraph.

There are two "Off" positions for greater effectiveness, including one which allows no-contact voltage detection. The screen lights up when near to a live cable.

If it is hooked up to a current clamp, it can measure currents up to 600 A in total safety.

multimeter functions :

  • CAT IV 600V / CAT III 1,000V

  • TRMS measurements

  • Large 6,000-count backlit display (digit height: 8 mm)

  • 61-segment bargraph

  • Compact casing with built-in shockproof protection

  • Double OFF position

  • NCV (no-contact voltage detection)

  • VLow Z low-impedance voltage measurement to avoid stray voltages.

  • Measurement up to 1,000 V

  • 60mV range

  • AC or DC current measurement up to 600 A with current clamp (1mv/A AC or DC) with direct reading of the measurement in Amperes

  • IP54

  • Compatible with the multi-function mounting accessory

 The "C.A 5231 KIT" reference comprises a C.A 5231 multimeter accompanied by a MINI 03 100 AAC current clamp.

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