The Megger brand is a global badge of technical excellence. Megger manufactures various test and measuring equipment in LV and IFV ranging from insulation testers (Famously known as Megger test), earth testers (High resolution earth testers, earth leakage clamp, professional earth kit). Earth loop testers, RCD testers, multifunction testers, transformer testing transformer insulating oil testing oil test sets, time domain reflectometry, transformer ohmmeter, current transformer tester, single phase transformer turn ration test set, transformer polarity tester, primary injecting test, secondary injection test, high current injection test sets, current and voltage injection sets, low resistance testers (Contact testing, micro-ohmmeter), battery testers. (Battery impedance test set, battery ground fault tracer, battery earth fault tracer, DC earth fault locator, battery load tester, battery voltage monitoring, battery load tester for telecom applications, digital hydrometer), power cable fault location system, relay testing, first trip tester. Dc over voltage testing (Portable high voltage tester). AC high voltage insulation tester. Tan delta test system, a.c capacitance power quality tester.

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