Chauvin Arnoux C.A 1226

Rs. 16,000.00   (+ vat)

The C.A 1226 can be used to check the operation of your ventilation or air-conditioning systems (at the outlet or in the ducts).

Compact and easy to handle, it is equipped with a dual display so that you can simultaneously view two values chosen from the three measured: temperature, the speed and the flow rate.

  1. Measurement of air speed, flow rate and ambient temperature

  2. Speed: 0.15 to 3 m/s and 3.1 to 30 m/s

  3. Flow rate: 0 to 99,999 m3/h

  4. Temperature: - 20 to + 80 °C

  5. Choice of units

  6. HOLD function

  7. Display of minimum and maximum

  8. Automatic calculation of the average

  9. Flow-rate calculation with or without cone

  10. Adjustable automatic power-off

  11. Adjustable backlighting

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